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Celebrating, Inspiring & Amplifying Alumni Giving

#WhenAlumniGive is a storytelling campaign that  focuses on collecting and sharing stories of alumni who give to their former schools


About Campaign

Kenyans have a giving culture, and alumni are more than willing to support their former schools. 78% of adults across Kenya would be willing to give back to their old school if asked, but less than 1% do so (Future First 2014). This GivingTuesday, we join the largest generosity movement to amplify the stories of alumni who are giving back to their former schools. 


By supporting their alma mater, alumni can play a key role in improving the learning conditions in their former schools and promoting quality learning for every Kenyan child. When fostered, the existing bonds between alumni and their alma mater provide strong networks and relatable role models that can improve young people's life chances and create intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary bridges between alumni.


To influence alumni to support their former schools, the #WhenAlumniGive campaign uses storytelling to create awareness of the importance of alumni giving. It is an interactive campaign in which alumni who give to their former schools are invited to share their stories on when they give, how they give, and why they give back to their alma mater. By sharing their stories, this motivates alumni giving back to their schools to continue with their noble initiative and inspire other alumni to give to their former schools. Alumni also share stories on what happens when they give - what happens to themselves, to the students, to the teachers, to the schools or to the country at large.

How to Participate

  1. Post a photo or a caption of your alumni journey and how you support or have supported your former school.

  2. Post a short video to introduce yourself - mention the name of the alumni, your alma mater, how, when, and why you support your former school using the hashtag #WhenAlumniGive.

  3. Post photos or videos of your fellow alumni in your former school tagging them with a call to action, asking them to be part of the #GivingTuesdayke, #WhenAlumniGive campaign.

  4. Tag @givingtuesdayke and use the hashtag #WhenAlumniGive.

  5. The #WhenAlumniGive campaigns runs from (29th Nov to 5th Dec). Share your stories and content across social media to be featured in our campaign highlight during the Giving Tuesday week.

  6. Repost all the other posts from different alumni groups across the social media platforms to amplify the @givingtuesdayKe #WhenAlumniGive message . Share widely !

  7. Recognize and celebrate the stories of giving you come across in your social media platforms from other alumni groups.

  8. Organizations can decide to Adopt A School as their CSR initiative. 

  9. Watch out for shoutouts from your favorite celebrities: Your posts can get a shout out from celebrities who will be following the #WhenAlumniGive campaign to celebrate individuals and organizations that are giving back to their former schools or underprivileged schools near them.

  10. Join and invite your friends to join Alumni Kenya.

  11. Gift your school/alumni club an Alumni Management System (Alumnipad)


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