Beatrice Malika

I give a safe place for 30 sexually abused children and  also give 350 slum children free uniforms, Education, breakfast and Lunch why I do this is because I  was abandoned and  had hard life. I want to improve their lives to help them reach their destiny . My dad was a drunk.

Vanita Wanjiru Kihuithia

Vision Bearer Touch a Heart Revive

Dreams should be sought with boldness, faith, courage and a heart that is ready to be patient through the process of purpose. I was 17 years old when I decided to bring my generation together and form a group, namely, Touch a Heart Revive,  that would be actively plugged in giving.


One mission that really gave me so much clarity as a leader on the opportunity to change lives as the youth was the Majengo Mission Edition 1 and 2. Seeing Women that are active drug takers, unemployed and beggars that have been pushed to even use old mattresses as sanitary towels were heart-rending.


They have accepted their status quo and their children would, unfortunately, be vulnerable to the same narrative. Days for Girls gave them reusable pads while we gave the food on the first edition. During the 2nd edition, we gave the mothers nappies as a sustainable way to avoid purchasing diapers which were expensive for them.  I am still working on a sustainable way to help the women get funds but I trust small steps on the sand eventually lead to the sea.


All our missions are made possible by friend-raising and in-kind donations from well-wishers. I hope to do more for my community and country and also bring more young people to be part of global giving.

Sheila Munyiri


  • I established a mentoring program at the school. This included developing Confidentiality forms, guidelines and planning training and meetings for mentors. I also allocate mentors to girls who require one-on-one mentoring. 

  • I plan events to raise funds to support financially challenged girls at the school. This includes marketing, seeking partnerships from other Alumni, corporate, educational institutions and other organizations that engage in education programs

  • I also plan mentoring workshops and career days which include getting speakers

  • I liaise with Department heads and the school administration to find out the needs of the school. I then seek ways to assist depending on the need.

  • I constantly communicate with parents/guardians of the girls that we assist to ensure that the girls continue to thrive even outside school.

  • I assisted and guided several beneficiaries to get scholarships or financial assistance as they transition to University.

  • I continue to encourage individuals and class groups to sponsor more girls and support the school. We are collectively sponsoring 31 girls in 2019.

I am not paid to do all that I do but the achievements that are seen from our sisters is all worth it.

Vanita Wanjiru Kihuithia

Vision Bearer Touch a Heart Revive

I grew up appreciating the value of sacrifice. This was instilled in me at a young and tender age as I saw my mother raise my relatives from different walks of life with the same love and care she gave us, her own children. This brought me a great realization that there are so many human beings who don't have the privilege of enjoying even the basic needs of life and it is our sole responsibility as people who are blessed to be a blessing to others.


I therefore decide to start Back To Basics with Allan Owino, an online segment where I will be providing sustainable solutions to the vulnerable people of our society by documenting and telling people of the stories that we've for a very long time not given attention. Through the online subscriptions I hope to gain as much traction as possible so that the segment can achieve sustainability and the remuneration gotten from the channel can be plunged back into the project.

Susan Nkubitu

#MyGiving story begun when I first gave my time to the care of street children. It wasn’t easy, but the trust and confidence the street kids bestowed on me, made me know I was forever bought into the giving for the transformation of people less fortunate.  This was also affirmed when a friend exposed me to the pains of children defiled and assaulted by people they trusted. Poverty made many release the offenders from punishment.

From then, I give to draw people from the claws of poverty by;

• Formation of youth groups in poor rural settings to produce crops for sale giving them a source of income by economies of scale.

• Volunteer as a trainer for an association that trains young vulnerable girls on entrepreneurship and vocational training and I give money to help them get starter kits.

• Volunteer with my High school alma mater to mentor and guide girls on their career paths and counselling when needed.  I also support the alumni association in various activities for fundraising for girls that can’t pay fees.

• Support a girls’ rescue centre for children who have been rescued from defilement and assault by their own parents or guardians.

Charity Wairimu

I have always had this desire to help the less fortunate whenever I pass any beggar or street kid I make sure I leave them something small or even food why because  I know what being hungry means. Born and Raised in humble background giving out to me is like a calling and that's why each month I visit a children's home to help and give back to the society and to inspire them that there is a better tomorrow


Photo Start

We are using photography as a platform to connect at-risk children with modern opportunities, we close the global digital divide by teaching children the skills and platforms that will empower them in the information age, while also promoting their personal and economic advancement, as well as overall wellbeing.   

We partner with organizations in Kenya [KIbera] and South Africa, working with children who live in dire circumstances in slums in these countries. All our programs are offered free of charge.

Charles Ndungu

My name is Charles Ndungu, a graduate from Kenyatta University. After graduating like most of my peers it was very hard securing employment and hence I had to look for something to do. I packed my bags from the big city and off I went to help my community in waste management practices in Naivasha. Together with two friends we formed a small community based organization called KMEG and dedicated most of our time trying to educate and sensitize our community (which is mostly made up of informal settlements) on better waste disposal practices and how to help reduce landfills in our village.


Being a B.A (Geography Major) graduate I had some challenges such as language barriers and lack of will from the villagers, but through our persistence and hard work, we managed to break through and people changed their mindsets. We started observing changes after 6 months and the village became cleaner and greener. We were now a model green village which differentiated us from the other villages in Naivasha.


I would really like to urge other graduates who are straight from campus to actively participate in making change to their communities and this will help the communities grow wholesomely.

Wendy, KG Foundation

Faith Mwikali is a former student of Ianzoni Primary school – one of our project schools. We celebrate her for defying all odds and scoring 402 marks out of 500 marks in the 2018 National Primary exams - a feat that has never been achieved by a girl in the zone.

She overcame domestic challenges, gender barriers and poverty to forge a new path to a brighter future. Mwikali is a KG champion because she’s inspired to give - her dream is to succeed and make a difference in her family and community.

A girl from a humble background, who had to fight through adversity to keep her dreams alive, now represents her family and community at Pangani Girls’ High School - a top national school in Nairobi - and is on the path to achieving even greater things, because someone partnered with KG Foundation to give a child a better future.

Patrick Mulinge

I’m Patrick Mulinge.


A teacher at Mbaluku Primary School, Machakos, and a KG Champion. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is seeing my pupils actually using the knowledge and skills I have transferred to them. It’s very exciting to see them come up with practical and innovative ways of improving their learning environment and taking these new skills back home to their families.


With support from KG Foundation, my pupils have learnt so much about caring for the environment. They now take the initiative in planting trees, beautifying the school by growing flowers. They even make their own soap and repair the school furniture.


We’re molding them to be solution providers and change agents who are not afraid to make decisions and who make a positive impact in their schools and community. These are critical life skills.


I’m a KG champion because KG Foundation is giving to improve the quality of education.


Let’s give to transform lives.